Welcome to WorkFu

Our goal is simple.

Create a beautiful, super simple web platform that recommends opportunities and talent to you based upon the networks you use everyday.

So what's it all about?

If you're looking for a freelance opportunity WorkFu will present all available opportunities ordered according to their relevance to you. We rate an opportunity's relevance by FuScore (%).

Our scoring system is transparent. We establish how relevant an opportunity is to you, using your skills and integrated social networks.

If you're looking for talented individuals to work for you or just need help on a project then posting an opportunity works in the same way to find you the right candidates.

How it works

Sign up

  • Sign up with your Twitter account (it's super fast and very easy).
  • We'll analyse your networks and connections and recommend keywords we think represent you.
  • You can manage your 'Smart Profile', keywords, reading list, links & networks to build a beautifully presented, live description of yourself and your skill-set.
  • View opportunities ordered specifically for you by a unique FuScore.
  • Apply for opportunities with one click.
  • We'll take care of sending your details and making the necessary introductions.
  • Manage all of your applications and the conversation around them from an intuitive and beautiful control panel.

Create & Post opportunities / Discover talent

  • Quickly & easily post opportunities.
  • We'll instantly recommend talent to approach.
  • View applicants ordered by their opportunity FuScore.
  • Easily manage applications and converse with your applicants an intuitive and beautiful control panel.


Opportunity creators (Employers)

  • It reduces the noise & time spent searching for the right talent.
  • Applicants come to you ordered by FuScore.
  • View an applicants full details in one place and WorkFu will even highlight matching desired skills & achievements.
  • Instant talent recommendations.
  • Search & approach talent.
  • We encourage and make it super easy for you to communicate and respond to all applicants.

Opportunity applicants (Talent)

  • No search required, we recommend and order the opportunities based on those we think you'd be great at. However you're free to browse and apply for all opportunities.
  • No covering letter, email or new tie required. Just click and confirm.
  • Your smart profile will adjust on-the-fly to highlight the skills & achievements that best match the opportunity.
  • We actively encourage a response to all applicants.

Hungry for more? please check our Frequently Asked Questions.