Frequently Asked Questions

What languages do you support?

Currently we support English keywords. You can still enter keywords in the language of your choice but we can not guarantee the experience will be the same. WorkFu is in constant development and we'll be supporting more languages and cultural specific keywords as we progress.

Why Twitter, what about the other networks?

We feel Twitter and the way in which users interact with it is the best network to launch with. We are looking to add in additional networks but only if they aid the user and add value to the process. We are currently looking at how some of the other networks can add value to the application process.

Does WorkFu automatically analyse Twitter for jobs?

No we don't, all opportunities or jobs should be posted to WorkFu and shared on Twitter. You will only see relevant opportunities and talent that are registered with WorkFu.

Does WorkFu have access to my personal details?

We only have access to the information you supply or authorise us to use. We only ask for the minimum information needed to offer the service.

I found a bug how can I report it?

If you encounter any issues using the site we would really appreciate you contacting us to let us know. You can email us at, please supply as much information as possible.

Which browsers do you support?

Although we are working hard to support every browser and device it is not always possible to deliver a user experience that we require across some of the older browsers, we recommend you update to the latest version of your chosen browser to better guarantee your experience.

How can I contact you?

You can email us at

How can I remove my account?

You can remove your account by visiting the settings page. Please note: if you have activity on your account such as live opportunities you will need to contact if you wish to remove your account.

Who's behind it

Our founding team is comprised of Rik Heywood, Mike Kus, Neil Kinnish, Pete Nelson & Adam Martin.

Smart Profile & the Influence Graph

Can I get a badge or icon to promote my profile?

Please visit our brand page.

What is the Influence Graph?

The Influence Graph provides evidence and a score for each of the skills and core disciplines in your Smart Profile. The WorkFu algorithm looks for evidence of your skills in the social networks you have linked to your account. The more experience and influence you have on each of those skills, the higher they score.

The results of all this is a neat graph showing which of your skills and disciplines are strongest.

How do I boost the scores I get on the Influence Graph?

You can't do this directly, but by adding more of your social networks we'll be able to find more evidence to strengthen your scores. For example, if you're a programmer, you might have a Stack Overflow account. If you were to connect this to WorkFu, we'll be able to find greater proof of your programming skills, and you'll probably see an increase in some of your programming scores. The scores are also influenced by your connections and activity on WorkFu, so connect with all your friends and colleagues.

The easiest way to get a better score is to continue being awesome at the things you love though, and we'll do the rest.

On the Influence Graph, what is the keyword score out of?

The score does not have an upper limit. The more good stuff we find, the more points you get. Most users see top scores of around 500 to 1000 points, but it is not uncommon to see scores over 5,000.

On the Influence Graph, what's a good score?

It depends! Some keywords are a lot more competitive and the scores get much higher on those. Anything below about 100 is probably fairly low though. Good scores on popular keywords are often over 1,000 and up to 10,000 and beyond for the top users.

Opportunities & the FuScore

How does the FuScore work?

A FuScore is dynamic to you and each opportunity, and it is a measure of how relevant an opportunity is to your unique skills and experience.

I got a low score, should I still apply?

The FuScore is simply an indicator and a low score should not stop you from applying if you feel the opportunity is relevant. It may be a sign that you should adjust your skills, connect your social networks & update your profile to better summarise your skills and interests.

Why have a FuScore?

We want to remove the hassle and noise that exists around the search for work or talent and believe networks such as Twitter are the perfect tools to aid this. The score is our way of ordering the opportunities that we feel best suit you; allowing you to quickly find and apply for suitable work or alternatively find talent best matched to your opportunity.

I'm a new user are my scores correct?

When you first signup to WorkFu it can take some time to process all of your connections, this means your score may not be correct immediately.

Suggested talent

For every opportunity posted, we will automatically suggest a small amount of talent that you can approach. You can opt out of being approached by updating your profile where it asks if you are 'looking for opportunities'.

Applying for Opportunities

You must have a live profile if you wish to apply for an opportunity. You are encouraged to apply for any opportunity you feel is suitable regardless of your score.

Posting Opportunities

How can I add an opportunity to WorkFu?

You can create opportunities from the manage section of your account.

Should I spend time adjusting an opportunities skills?

Yes, the skills you list are very important!

Make sure your opportunity lists every skill and discipline that is relevant to your opportunity. The keywords are a key part of how the FuScore is calculated, so a complete and accurate list of keywords will ensure your opportunity will feature highly in potential candidates opportunity list. Candidates can also opt to receive emails about highly relevant opportunities, so a good set of keywords will ensure your opportunity is seen by many many more potential candidates.

Does it matter who posts the opportunity?

It is better if the creator of the opportunity is relevant to the opportunity/position and active on Twitter.

How do users apply?

Users can apply with one click. You can manage all applicants and any conversation from an intuitive interface.

Do I need to reply to all applicants?

We have created tools to make this process as easy as possible and yes we do expect you to respond to all applicants. Our aim is to create a considerate and responsible culture within WorkFu.

How does the suggested Talent work?

The suggestions are based on relevance for the opportunity.